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Book 11 2007 Harlequin Adventure

Harlequin is a reflection of ideas circulating in the writer’s mind in late 2007. If it has a theme, it is that “Love should be beautiful, otherwise it is not love”.


As she sits in her bedroom Queen Peggy smiles
Sipping a coffee and thinking of Giles,
Giles, such a comfort, he's always there
He pours her a drink or finds her a chair
Queen Peggy's daughter Julia Kildare
Lives in Australia. She married out there
A taciturn man, his eyes are too close
He's subject to moods, is often morose
But if Julia's husband has limited charm
At least on the weekend they live on a farm.

And if Peggy's first daughter is constantly bored
She knows she can talk to 'Imaginary Maud'.
A perfect solution we should all try and seize
With every argument dear Maud agrees.
Peggy considered when she heard of Maud;
Maud was so perfect. Maud was adored.
Peggy said - tell me can I get a Maud?
Julia answered it's not much to afford.
Now Peggy dreams happily under the tiles
And converses content with 'Imaginary Giles'.


Seagulls wheeling crying calling,
Chefs are cutting, slicing, cooking,
Smells are rising, appetising,
Skies are grey and overcasting 
Nothing can discount my pleasing
I am home in Rye.

Timbers span the ancient walling,
Welcome card from dear housekeeping
Ancient floorboards moving creaking
Two steps up to our wardrobing
Jetlagged, beds look so inviting
I am home in Rye.

Hanging baskets swinging colouring
After sleep I'm keen for dining
Palma Ham and Rye Bay Plaicing
Chilean White we'll soon be drinking
Father's widow entertaining,
I am home in Rye.