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Book 1 1995 The Pursuit of Pokolbin
The first book in this format, Pursuit of Pokolbin was combined with its companion The Search for Heneage Finch. Both were to lead to extensive research & travelling and subsequent additions to enlarge both stories.
Book 6 2001 Sixth Form to Sixty
A collection of poems written around the world whilst travelling on holiday and business. Many of these poems are included in earlier books but are happily collected in one place.
Book 7 2002 Heneage Finch of Laguna
Was Heneage Finch the grandson of the Earl of Winchilsea? No, but there were three earls in his 'eccentric' family and many knights and barons. This book researches an extraordinary family and one misused and miserably treated Oxford graduate.
Book 8 2004 Mordred’s Diary
At Prep School Mark relates to Mordred, son of a brilliant father. Arthur excels at everything, drawing swords out of stones, married to the most beautiful lady in Britain. Mark will learn like Mordred he must never give up. One day his time will come.
Book 9 2005 Journeyman Knight
Mark Hammond travels to London on a special assignment. He discovers the origins of the ancient song GREEN GROW THE RUSHES. He meets an old flame, Ruth Rosenthal, and strange influential city men who are friends of the Australian Basler family.
Book 10 2006 Cardinal Wolsey’s Boys
The boys from Kings have just squeezed through the Common Entrance to commence the first of five years at a famous school. 'Stay unknown,' says Mother. 'No-one knows you there. You can make a fresh start.' But it is already too late.
Book 11 2007 Harlequin Adventure
Harlequin is a reflection of ideas circulating in the writer’s mind in late 2007. If it has a theme, it is that “Love should be beautiful, otherwise it is not love”.
Book 12 2008 Back From Today
A study of Saxon Place Names produced a description of the Saxon parish boundary of Oxhey. This Oxford course was followed by a look at the geology and history of the region, the Colne and Gade river valleys, Domesday Book and the Revolution in Transport.
Book 13 2009 Writing in the Dark
Writing in the Dark is a collection of pieces of writing including some poems and pictures. I describe it as a Memoir, Diary and Writer's Notebook. In this volume I experiment further with the idea that one picture is worth a thousand words.
Book 14 2010 Pursuit of Pokolbin
The red dust from South Australia has covered large areas of New South Wales as shown on this cover. Fifteen years have gone by since the first Pokolbin book. Here is an update on a life style and learning experience in prose,pictures and poetry.
Book 15 2009 Reconcile
Why Reconcile? Partly coming to terms with life and family but also finding great comfort in a group of student friends in England. And here are Othello, Gertrude Bell and Lawrence of Arabia, and Richard of course with the Bishop of Ely.
Book 16 2010 Arthur and Friends
Arthur and Friends is a collation of stories about Arthur from the Post Roman Era and ending with the poetry of Alfred, Lord Tennyson. It includes many famous illustrations including the Lancelot Propre c 1227 from the Pierpoint Morgan Museum New York.
Book 17 2011 Not King Richard
Not King Richard is the second version of my research into the character assassination of RIII. Originally I described a retrial in a Court charged with revisiting the evidence. In this I present the previous submissions as a series of TV interviews.
Book 18 2012 Conversations
'Writing is a Conversation with one other Person' said David Malouf. And here are many plus the 'Trial of King Charles First' mounted as a class play at Oxford Summer School with all students involved including a King Charles Spaniel.
Book 19 2013 The Road to Pokolbin
From Books in 1995 and 2010, Book 19 continues and refreshes the history and life of unsung heroes like John Blaxland and Mr Finch. A Memoir of History, Colonial Bastardry, and Adventure, here our Hungarian-German explains: Ich in Pokol bin. I am in Hell
Book 20 2014 Sixth Form to Seventy
From Book 6 in 2001, once again the Poems of TE Quoyne have been updated including Pokolbin, Sussex, travel poems and recent Oxford sonnets. And with a humourous tilt at Star Wars the title is now Sixth Form to Seventy, and Beyond.